Hero Up: Unleash Your Inner Hero and Make Life Epic


Unleash your inner hero and learn how to: 1. Build confidence and self-esteem 2. Improve your relationship and sex life 3. Find purpose and fulfillment in your life 4. Master your career

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What You'll Learn

Hero Up is a playbook for life with ideas you can implement immediately. You'll learn how to:

Think like a hero
Create a winning mindset, ignite your personal power and see what Tupac and Kobe Bryant can teach you about mental toughness
Master love, sex & relationships
Learn the two most important questions to ask to make your relationship awesome & your sex life fantastic
Build Confidence
Enjoy confidence on demand, create your personal highlight reel & own every room you walk into
Find your life’s purpose
Learn how to accelerate your career, pitch anything and start a business you love

Hero Up is for you if:

You want to reduce stress, have more fun and find your life’s purpose
You feel lost in the shuffle and want more happiness in life
You want to build confidence and self-esteem
You’re ready to make your relationship awesome
You want a meaningful career and make more than just money

The Heroes inside Hero Up…

You won’t find the usual George Washington, Winston Churchill examples in Hero Up. Not because they’re not relevant, just because you’ve probably already heard them before. I went with an entirely different group including:

Rock Stars

Quotes and lessons from: The Doors, Tupac, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Biggie, Jay-Z, Rush, etc

Dead guys & philosophers

Lessons from the great minds of: Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Dale Carnegie, the Stoics, Thomas Jefferson, etc

Sports Gods

Quotes and lessons from: Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Bethany Hamilton, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps

Regular people

Quotes and lessons from everyday people like my Grandma, my friends & family, bands I’ve been in and people I’ve played sports with over the years

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Check out what other people are saying about Hero Up.

Jen Copyak

I found this book to be funny, smart, honest, insightful and inspirational. Jim writes from the heart, and reading it is like having a conversation with a friend.

Jonathan Davis

Jim is a special breed in that he genuinely cares about others. I consider Jim to have had a significant impact on my personal growth and career

Justin Velthoen, INK Your Dreams

Hero Up shows us that there are opportunities every day where we can be a hero in our own story. Looking back, I Heroed Up on a second date and ended up years later with an amazing wife! Hero Up lists out the ways that we all have that Hero inside of us, and are capable of being a Hero every day.

Dr. Emer Garry, PhD

A powerful, inspiring and instrumental guide to embrace your inner hero and how to actually take the next step into the life you want to lead. This book is full of useful insights and real-world practical tools to develop confidence and self-belief you need.

About The Author

Jim Simcoe is a father, husband, surfer, podcaster and devoted fish-taco lover. He has way more faults than you and is probably sitting in a tank-top listening to bad 80s music right now.

Jim Simcoe

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